Member's Area : $10/month $100/year

* Regular release with an average release rate of 1 set per day.(All posts expire after 1 month)
* Exclusive content that will not be posted on the site. (All posts expire after 1 week)
* Files are hosted without ads.
* Request reup of deadlinks.

VIP Area : $100

* Access to 100 gigs+ of organized content including the most popular requested and searched contents! This collection is updated regularly but you only need to pay once.
* You need to be a member to view this area. Purchase comes with 1 month membership.

If interested just email us at

Those who contributes new and never before released sets(Stuff that's never been posted on websites, forums, tumblers/blogs etc, discord/telegram/fb groups etc) can also get free membership and even access to the VIP area depending on the rarity and size of the contributed sets. Those who contributed before can contact us using the same email they used when they contributed(or include the email ad in your message if you used a disposable email)

Paypal (Limited  Time)
$110/1 year


You can easily purchase from the below sites using different payment methods including card and paypal. It's also available to most countries

NOTE: For a limited, we are accepting googleplay credits(US). You can buy these from paypal or using any other payment methods:

NOTE: All amounts are in US Dollars.
NOTE: For faster transactions pls include the method of payment you wish to avail when sending an email

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